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기슬기_전경사진 02.jpg

When taking a picture, the artist reverses the photographic process from a photo which is the final result, and adjusts numerous factors, such as a subject, shooting techniques, framing, shutter speed, brightness levels, exposure, and printing. The artist found specific rules of broken graphics due to errors in playing image data on other devices. To analyze the rules of this error, she tried to photograph the shape of circles and spheres, called perfect geometric figures. System is a NASA-provided image of a virtual 3D solar system that is manipulated by the error mechanism controlled by the artist so it looks dislocated. Each planet has different surfaces, textures, and colors. Therefore, planets were suitable objects to experiment with the errors devised by the artist. The artist discovered the regularity of the error and controlled it to make it a system, not an error. The work shows the artist’s effort, who accepts uncontrollable parts into the work and brings them into the controllable area.

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