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기슬기_전경사진 05.jpg

Black Light, 2022
Dimensions Variable (43-inch monitor display, digital image)

The artist played a black image on the monitor display and then took a picture of the screen. The artist used the flash to focus the camera and take photos of the black screen, so that the moment the flash popped was captured in the picture. When we peer into the work, we can see small dots of light around the flash. The display’s light, which emits black images toward each other with the monitor screen in between, collides with the camera flash. It was reflected on dust and stains, creating tiny dots of light. If we look close at them, we can feel a sense of distance and space in each light spread glare or brightness of a color. It is like the light crashing from both sides with a thin monitor screen in between has created an infinite space. We often refer to the black screen on the monitor as an ‘empty screen,’ but the empty screen is filled with light to transmit black. Lights quickly passed through the black screen, creating reflected light, and glimmered with each other like mirrors. The artist accumulated the moments and now shows them to us. This work is displayed in a non-material form of data, just like the black image on the monitor display that was the subject.

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