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Current Exhibitions, 2023
Exhibition Posters at Buk-Seoul Museum of Art for 10
118.9X84. 1cm each (91 posters)
Commissioned by Anthologia: Ten Enchanting Spells
Courtesy of the artist

Installed on the wall connecting the first and second floors of the exhibition gallery, Current Exhibition references posters of exhibitions held at the Buk-Seoul Museum of Art over the past decade since it was inaugurated. The artist was provided with 91 exhibition poster files for the archives of the museum and removing most of the text information on the posters (such as exhibition title, date and venue, participating artists, and sponsorships). In cases where the poster design itself was based on text, the artist altered it in a way that compromised the readability of the text or typeface that organized the information. Once the information was deleted, the remaining images were printed and installed in chronological order.
Exhibition posters are typically visualizations of an exhibition work or theme. They function as temporary promotional materials created primarily for publicity purposes and displayed in public spaces, both online and offline, until they are replaced. Therefore, after a certain period of time has passed and the purpose of conveying information has been fulfilled, exhibition posters lose their relevance and are discarded. Current Exhibition repurposes such promotional items, which have expiration dates, by removing information from them. Posters with text removed come to exist as images by themselves, endowed with new vitality. As images replace the precise text, the work becomes a metaphor through a visual language for the shape of the future that wears out over time.

기슬기_Monument to exhibitions in the past and upcoming_04.jpg
기슬기_Monument to exhibitions in the past and upcoming_05.jpg

Monument to exhibitions in the past and upcoming, 2023

Anthologia: Ten Enchanting Spells exhibition posters (Buk-Seoul Museum of Art), plywood 


Commissioned by Anthologia: Ten Enchanting Spells
Courtesy of the artist

This work is an installation that symbolically recreates the piles of one-off prints left in public spaces. As the succession of past images, layered beneath the accumulated sheets of print, creates a new pattern, it constitutes a physical mass resembling a tomb of images. The promotional prints are still randomly pasted onto construction sites and outdoor spaces, and they are essentially printed "images." Nevertheless, once they fulfill their intended purpose, they lose their utility value and become useless. This work embodies the phenomenon.
Using the sculpture-image as a mass made of the same poster repeatedly pasted onto each other, the work metaphorically presents the production, sharing, and deletion of digital images in our time. This pillar made of prints consists of posters for the exhibition on display, Anthologia: Ten Enchanting Spells. It is a symbolic sculpture in the form of a monument that sculpturally replaces the notion of the present as a boundary between the past and the future.

기슬기_Monument to exhibitions in the past and upcoming.jpg
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