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Reflection in your eyes, 2022
Archival pigment print, wood frame, glass, 150×91 cm

The artist took pictures of the moon in the night sky. The moon, which we can only see on one side when viewed from the Earth, is a satellite of the Earth that reflects the Sun’s light. The Moon, the subject of myths, fairy tales, historical narratives, and literature, has long been an object for humankind to look at. Just as photographs are media that reflect reality, the Moon does not emit light by itself but reflects the sunlight like a mirror. Before the show opening, when all the installation and lighting work were complete, the artist re- photographed nine photographic works installed on the longest wall of the exhibition space as subjects. Facing the work at her eye level, she captured the other works and exhibition space together reflected on the glass of the picture frame. The re-shot work is completed only when it faces and reflects the audience in the exhibition hall, as an interactive work. We can find another similarity between the work that captures time and reproduces it in a compressed form, and the appearance of the Moon that changes over time. In Reflection in Your Eyes, the artist shows the layers of time and space accumulated in a single photograph. By overlapping multiple reflected layers on a single finished photograph, the artist shows accumulating and framing time, producing and reproducing images, and continuous connecting between taking pictures and viewing pictures.

When we look at a printed photograph, we see not only the original image but also the photo paper and another object reflected on the glass of the frame. In addition, from the same photographic work, we get different experiences depending on the brightness and color of the lighting in the exhibition space. “Reflection in you eyes”, work that re-photographed photo images under the same conditions which the audience sees the work, intends the status where the audience experience facing the work. When the audience finds himself reflected on the glass
of the frame, he becomes able to see the real space behind him, and the space photographed from the artist’s point of view overlaps at the 
same time. It is impossible to shoot without the photographer’s reflection in the front of the work, but in order to solely show the audience’s reflection on the work, the artist shot from various angles trying to excluding her reflection. With this work, the artist questions the actual experience of images and experiments with images that are constantly moving and reproduced by audience’s participation. The moon and the photograph of the moon and the observer looking at the photograph: what is seen here and what else is reflected in your eyes?

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